Glitter roots

Glitter Roots – A New Hairstyling Trend

We love DIY tricks that are quick and easy to do at home, so glitter roots are one of our favourite hairstyling obsessions at the moment. If you’re stuck in between appointments to have your hair cut or coloured and you’re not sure how to add some sparkle to your current look, this is an amazing way to instantly achieve just that. It’s also incredibly simple to do and there are no complicated methods or fancy products involved.

The first thing you need to do is decide what hairstyle you’re going for. Most people trying out glitter roots have opted for twisted buns on each side (either two or a lot more, it’s up to you!) because they really define your centre parting and give you plenty of room to work with the glitter. You could also try a glitter ponytail or even go for a sparkling Harley Quinn inspired look – this might be a favourite of ours for Halloween! Generally you need to pick something that exposes your roots so you can get the full effect.

The next step simply involves applying some kind of product along your parting or wherever you want your glitter roots to be showing. Generally it makes sense to use your centre parting and you can even go all the way from your hairline to the back of the neck. Any kind of hair gel is probably ideal for this, it just needs to be wet and sticky at first and reasonably dry later on.

Once you’ve applied your gel or any other product it’s time to get creative with your glitter. It doesn’t really matter what you decide to use, but the more sparkly and eye-catching the better! You can stick to one colour that matches your hair which works especially well for bright pastel colours like blue and pink, or you might mix it up and go for a blend of a few colours, maybe even a full rainbow. Just make sure you get plenty of coverage, but be careful where you’re doing this because glitter has a tendency to get absolutely everywhere (chances are you already know this if you love glitter as much as we do).

With that your look is basically complete! This is a really versatile look that can be paired with simple or complex hairstyles and applied in just a few minutes at home, so we think this is a real winner. If you manage to get it right you’ll create the impression that your natural hair colour is actually glitter, which is pretty awesome.

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