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Hair Loss & Replacement

If you knew how many individuals were experiencing problems with hair loss, you’d probably be comforted to know that you are not alone. It can occur for a variety of reasons, sometimes, it will begin to fall out due to old age. In other cases, individuals lose their hair because of chemotherapy or because of a condition or disease itself. Whatever the case may be, knowing that replacement treatments are available can open your world to opportunities. Before you engage in any type of hair replacement treatments, whether they be surgical or non-surgical, speaking with your doctor is best.

Your doctor will be able to perform a variety of tests to make sure that the hair loss isn’t being caused by a medical problem that can easily be addressed such as a vitamin deficiency, scalp irritation or a medical condition such as under-active thyroid.

If the problem is deficiency or irritation related, there are over the counter treatments available such as Vitamin D supplements, trichologic hair vitamins and hair growth shampoos.

For people who want to go on the surgical route, many different options are available. For example, skin grafting is one type of treatment used. In this situation, pieces from one part of your body would be moved to other parts of your scalp. The pieces that are moved over are the ones that can produce hair. These patches can generally be moved from anywhere on the body. People who do not have areas with the right type of hair growth may not be suitable candidates for this procedure. Speaking with a doctor is important to find out if surgical hair replacement treatments are right for you. When you are not comfortable with surgery, or you are not a candidate for this type of treatment, non-surgical options exist that you can try to restore what you once had on top of your head.

You might be familiar with some medications or topical substances that are used to treat hair loss. Speaking with your doctor is always best before you go on one of these substances, and you also should look into ones that are available with a prescription. However, perhaps you are more interested in a short term solution to your problems. Instead of something that will encourage growth, you want to have longer or full locks for a night out with your partner or friends, consider having extensions put in. A professional who has taken a hair extension course can help make short and thin locks look as beautiful as celebrities’. Instead of hair extensions, you might want to look into a wig. Opt for wigs that are made out of human hair, as they can give you that completely natural look.

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