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Hair Tips

Hairdressers: Top Tips

Many people have problems when visiting the hairdressers, especially when they want a particular style or colour. Whether you’re going for hair extensions or a simple trim, keep these tips in mind when you visit the salon.

Explain Any Alterations to Your Hair

If the stylist doesn’t know the specifics of what you’re hoping to achieve, he or she won’t be able to give you the best advice. Be sure to let the stylist know if your hair is dyed, of course if roots are showing, then this will be fairly obvious but its best to mention it anyway. You should also tell the stylist if you have hair extensions, a weave, or any conditions that cause thinning or shedding.

Bring in Pictures

When you go to the hairdressers, you may be getting a simple cut and colour. However, if you also want a specific cut or style, bringing in pictures of similar haircuts is the best idea. Even the most experienced stylist can struggle to give you that perfect look if you are not clearly articulating what it is that you want.

Call Ahead for Wet or Dry Hair

When you are going to get a dry haircut, it’s obvious that you should wash your hair before you go and try to avoid sticky styling products that may make it difficult for the stylist to work with. If you’re going for a wash & cut, this isn’t so much of a worry as any products will be washed out before they begin working on your hair. However, for other types of styling endeavours, you may need to come in with your hair in a certain fashion. For example, some styles are much easier to accomplish when the hair hasn’t been washed in a day because the natural oils help the locks to hold in place. Finding out this information before you go to the salon will save you and the stylists time later.

Stay as Still as Possible

Some individuals have a tendency to move around a lot while they are in the stylist’s chair. You might like to flip through magazines and pick new ones off the table, or you may spend a lot of time on your phone. Remember, the stylist is trying to work, and you should be receptive to the fact.

Be Honest About Your Likes and Dislikes

While some are constantly moving and speaking in the styling chair, others remain completely silent for the entire session. You should let the stylist know if you don’t like the direction he or she is going in. This person cannot fix the problem when you don’t say there is one to begin with. You can also express contentment, so the stylist knows to keep going in a certain direction.

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