Hair Weaves and Extensions

If you’re experiencing hair loss and don’t want to go down the surgical route, or you simply want to change your style, hair weaves are the perfect solution.

Many African women you see with amazing hair, well they’ve been keeping this hair treatment a secret and looking absolutely fabulous but now their secret is out!

How does it work?

Basically, as the name suggests, the hairdresser weaves artificial (or in some cases human) hair into your existing hair.

They start by creating cornrows (plaits) across the head to keep the weave as flat as possible, then they take a length of hair attached to a strip of fabric (a weft) and sew it into the plaits. A weave can be used for either a few rows (for example if you wanted hair extensions) or for a complete head (great for thinning hair) giving the impression of a full, thick head of hair.

Weaves are difficult to identify unless you know what to look for (don’t be surprised if your Caucasian friends compliment your new hair style but black ladies compliment your gorgeous weave!).

Weaves are easy to care for, you treat them much the same as your regular hair, washing them, styling them and using the same products.

Weaves last for several weeks and can be further extended by having them tightened after a few weeks.

There are many different types of hair wefts available in different materials, colours, styles and preparations so you are bound to find an option that is perfect for you.


Clip in human hair extensions are a good alternative to weaves. The best kinds are tangle free Remy hair extensions and Beauty Works Pre Bonded hair. There are also different styles available like clip in ponytails human hair, fake clip in fringes, wavy human hair clip extensions. These are available by 100 or 24 extensions in Remy beach blonde or light brown.

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