How To Add Some Colour With Hair Chalk

If you want to enhance your hair with a slightly more exciting splash of colour, but you’re not sure about getting it professionally dyed or doing it yourself, there may be a simple solution you haven’t tried yet.

Hair chalk is a fantastic way to play around with different colours, but without the need to commit to a permanent colour or compromise your existing shade in any way. There are a few great advantages to hair chalk…

– It’s very affordable, including multi-packs which include various colours

– It’s very much in fashion right now, since pastel colours work best

– It washes right out so you can easily rock the look for just one day or night

– It couldn’t be much easier or safer to apply

If you want to try this style for yourself, you’ll just need to choose a hair chalk in a colour you like.

Step 1: Get your hair chalk

Some will be more effective than others, so see what your favourite beauty bloggers or friends recommend. If you check on Amazon and similar sites you’ll be able to see reviews and customer images for any that catch your eye.

Important: real hair chalk is the only safe option. Chalk designed for drawing with is not suitable for use on your hair, because it contains toxins that are easy to inhale.

Step 2: Wash your hair

Give your hair a wash and keep it as natural as possible. Hair chalk won’t respond well if you’ve treated your hair with any products, as it needs to settle on the hair itself. You can dry your hair, but if you want a more intense colour you may want to wet the area that you want to apply the chalk to.

Step 3: Make sure you define a section

Where many people go wrong here is applying the colour to hair at random, creating a strange effect that won’t look deliberate. If you have long enough hair, the best thing to do is usually to colour the inner layers rather than adding streaks of colour to the top. This will create a much more natural and appealing ombre effect.

Step 4: Add the colour

Apply the chalk to your chosen section of hair. You need to make sure you massage it hard enough for the colour to show, but still relatively softly to minimise mess and wasted chalk.

Step 5: Seal the colour

Your hair might seem to have a strange texture at first, and the chalk may easily come off in a fine dust. To solve both of these problems, use hair straighteners or a curling iron to apply heat (you may need to wipe the chalk off your chosen tool later). Hairspray is a good idea to really seal in the effect.

Step 6: Wash out and condition

Since your hair will probably end up quite dry, you will want to apply plenty of conditioner when you decide to wash the chalk out. It’s really designed to last a maximum of 24 hours, plus you probably won’t want to get chalk all over your pillowcase.

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