Types of human hair extensions

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The popularity of hair extensions amongst women has been increasing dramatically. Having a human hair extension can add volume to women with thin hair. It’s also favourable by women who want longer hair in an instant. If you’re looking into purchasing a human hair extension, you may find that there is a big market for it and there are thousands and thousands of supplier. So how do you choose and how do you get started? The first thing to do is do your research and see which type of human hair extension would suit you best. To help you on this, below are the three different types of human hair extensions.

Remy hair

Remy hair is one of the highest quality of human hair extension that you can purchase. All hair comes from a single donor. One of the benefits of buying this type of extension is that all hairs are untangled which means it’s easy to brush and maintain. The donors of the Remy hair extensions comes typically from different countries such as Europe, Asia, and India. 

Virgin hair

Virgin extensions are the most premium extension available in the market. A virgin hair comes from a young single donor which means the texture of the hair is exceptionally smooth and healthy. The extension is also free of all types of chemical process including bleaching, colouring and perm. It’s one of the healthiest and natural hair extensions available in the market. 

Non-Remy hair

Non-Remy hair extension is the most affordable hair extension; however, the quality is compromised. The hair doesn’t come from a single donor but is collected through hair salons and other random suppliers. The quality isn’t as good compared to a virgin and Remy hair extension. This type of hair is also more high maintenance as the strands are tangled easily after a few washes. The hair may also not be 100% human hair as it comes from random suppliers which mean that it cannot be reused after a few washes.

How to make your hair colour last longer

hair colour

Having your hair coloured can be quite expensive. You may also find that after having your hair done, the colour may start to fade within the next few weeks. However, there are many tips that you can apply to ensure your hair colour last longer than it should. Below are some of our tips to maintain your hair colour.

Deep conditioner

When the hair is dyed, it may start to lose some of its natural oil causing it to look less healthy. However, using a deep conditioner will help maintain your natural oils keep it looking shiny. Specific conditioners for coloured hair will also ensure the colour stays longer on your hair. 

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is very similar to your natural hair oil can be used to maintain the health condition of your hair. As the oil helps to strengthen your hair, it will also help maintain your colour. You can use it on its own and apply it on a dry or wet hair, or you can also add it on your shampoo or conditioner. You may be able to find some hair products that contains Jojoba oil which you can then apply to your hair. 

Balanced diet

There’s a study that proves a healthy and balanced diet can help hair growth and strengthen hair texture. Certain foods like avocado, eggs, nuts and berries are known to help maintain and improve your hair. When your hair is at it’s best, it will be able to hold and keep the hair colour for a more extended period. 

Less hair wash

Washing your hair will also wash away the dye from the hair. It will also reduce your natural oils. So it’s best to wash your hair as less frequently as possible. If you’re not used to washing your hair every day or worried that your hair might get greasy, you can apply a dry shampoo to keep it fresh. 

How to protect your hair from heat damage

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Hair styling tools can transform your hair in an instant. However, it can also slowly damage your hair in the longer run. When your hair gets severely damaged, it can even lead to a hair loss and a dull look. If you want to prevent your hair from heat damage, we suggest on following some of our tips below.

Apply the heat evenly

When using your heat tool, ensure that you apply the heat evenly around your hair. For instance, when straightening your hair, do not target a particular area for a long time otherwise the heat can eventually break your hair. For many of us, we constantly make the mistake of overly heating our hair to achieve the look we are after.

Prep before blow dry

blow drySwap a regular cotton towel for a microfibre cloth and use it for drying your hair. A microfibre towel will quickly soak in the moisture without leaving your hair frizzy. If you still feel the need to use a hair-dryer, we recommend applying a heat protective lotion all over the damp hair. The cream will help reduce the friction during blow drying.

Hair Treatments

If you consistently use heating equipment, it’s important that you care for your hair on a weekly basis with hair treatments such as hydrating masks. For a professional hair care treatment, visiting your local salon would be ideal to maintain a healthy hair.

Hair Styling Tools

Prevent buying a cheap hair dryer and invest in a high-quality hair dyers that can reduce heat damage on your hair.

Select Lower Temperature

Switch to a lower temperature when using a heat styling equipment. Especially for those who have thinner hairs which are most likely to suffer from the heat. Keeping your hair tool at a distant can also help prevent more damage to your hair.

6 Ways to Get Healthy Hair

Most of us would love to experience the benefits of healthier hair, but with our everyday routines taking up our time and a lot of confusing products on the market, it can be hard to know what route to take. We would recommend a combination of different things to try, including some products you can get from a UK-registered pharmacy shop online, some that are available on the high street, and a few simple things you can try at home without spending a penny.

1) Vitamin tablets

It’s not always easy to keep up the right level of different vitamins and minerals your body needs, or even to know how well you’re doing. Supplements can be an effective solution, and you’ll find tablets which promote healthier hair growth as well as your nails and skin from most good pharmacists.

2) Natural oils

Oil is great for hair, contrary to what many people might think. To keep it in good condition, you might want to use natural castor oil or coconut oil on your hair. This helps compensate for what gets washed away when you clean or dye your hair too often.

Castor Oil Hair Benefits

3) Specialist shampoos

Another way to promote healthy hair may be to use a shampoo with more active ingredients. You can easily find special shampoos that are designed to help with various factors, including ones that add volume, stimulate growth and even protect against heat damage.

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Professional hair styling

Professional Hair Services

If you want your strands straightened and glossy, or want banana curls spiraling down your back. Whatever your ultimate hair desires are, employing the services of professional hairdressers is wise. Going to the salon is much different than trying to manage and style at home, and you can benefit from the professional touch. Instead of struggling to straighten your hair with a blow dryer or obtain that perfect cut, the hairdressers will take care of that for you. Changing the colour of your hair or going for a dramatic new style are also options when you let the professionals take control. On top of styling, they can also help you to discover some new hair care tips. You can even get your hair styled in the comfort of your own home. Seek the services of a mobile freelance hair stylist such as Nyssa Addison, she’s willing to travel to most parts of South East of England, and even further afield upon request.


Having beautiful strands is not all about how it is styled when you go to the salon. It’s also about taking care of it every single day. When you have an appointment with the hairdressers, they can get you started in the right direction. For example, they might use a hot oil treatment or recommend that you begin letting your locks air dry a few times a week to avoid damage to its surface. When you are willing to take these tips into consideration, you’ll likely notice substantial changes. It will start to feel better and healthier. If you had a lot of product build-up, you may notice that your hair does not appear to be so greasy anymore. In fact, your tresses could even become easier to style because they are not suffering the consequences of your old regiment. Continue reading “Professional Hair Services”