Unicorn hair

How To Create A Unicorn Hairstyle

Colouring your hair may be a nerve-wracking experience if you’re not that experienced, but really it should be fun too. The more creative you can be with your methods, the more exciting and rewarding it is. There’s a lot to be said for creating a truly unique look that will impress even professional hair stylists when they see what you’ve managed to achieve with a DIY approach. “Unicorn hair” is a great example, especially since pastel colours are so popular right now and there are loads of different products around that are suitable to help you.


  • Toned and conditioned platinum blonde hair
  • A few small amounts of different pastel coloured dyes
  • White or colourless conditioner
  • Brush and mixing bowl for application
  • Hair band and clips to separate your hair
  • Foil to protect parts you don’t want to colour

Step 1: Start with the lightest possible hair colour

Firstly you need to crack the secret of achieving perfect bleach blonde hair. Once you know how to get the perfect platinum tone without any unwanted red or yellow, you’re able to start using different pastel colours to achieve your finished look. People find different methods and products work best for their hair, and even with the perfect dye and toner you might need a few attempts before you get this right. Normally using grey toner will help you get the right white shade for unicorn hair.

Unicorn hairStep 2: Separate your hair

It’s important to split your hair into different sections as you’re going to be using various colours, but it doesn’t matter how you divide the sections and you can be as artistic as you like. The colour will probably accidentally spread to different parts of your hair because once you start using the dye it’s hard to keep it under control at the best of times. This doesn’t really matter but if you’re concerned you can use foil to protect the rest of your hair.

Step 3: Mix and apply your colours

Take the first of your individual coloured dyes and mix it with conditioner, about one part dye to three parts conditioner as long as it doesn’t lighten the colour too much. You’re then ready to start applying! Don’t get too carried away with one colour, just apply it to a particular section and then move onto the next. It might be easier to do by hand than using a brush.

Step 4: Pin and repeat

Once you’re done with one colour, pin those sections of hair into one small bun to keep them out of the way while the dye sets in. You can then move onto the next colour immediately and repeat until you have a range of different coloured buns.

Step 5: Complete your look

After about 30 minutes you’ll be ready to rinse your hair with water and the job will be complete! With your new pastel coloured streaks you’ll be able to try out a variety of styles – you can try braiding, plaiting and even adding stars or glitter to finish off your magical unicorn look. Your colours will probably fade within a few washes but until then you’ve got plenty of room to play around with this fun style.

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