How to make your hair colour last longer

hair colour

Having your hair coloured can be quite expensive. You may also find that after having your hair done, the colour may start to fade within the next few weeks. However, there are many tips that you can apply to ensure your hair colour last longer than it should. Below are some of our tips to maintain your hair colour.

Deep conditioner

When the hair is dyed, it may start to lose some of its natural oil causing it to look less healthy. However, using a deep conditioner will help maintain your natural oils keep it looking shiny. Specific conditioners for coloured hair will also ensure the colour stays longer on your hair. 

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is very similar to your natural hair oil can be used to maintain the health condition of your hair. As the oil helps to strengthen your hair, it will also help maintain your colour. You can use it on its own and apply it on a dry or wet hair, or you can also add it on your shampoo or conditioner. You may be able to find some hair products that contains Jojoba oil which you can then apply to your hair. 

Balanced diet

There’s a study that proves a healthy and balanced diet can help hair growth and strengthen hair texture. Certain foods like avocado, eggs, nuts and berries are known to help maintain and improve your hair. When your hair is at it’s best, it will be able to hold and keep the hair colour for a more extended period. 

Less hair wash

Washing your hair will also wash away the dye from the hair. It will also reduce your natural oils. So it’s best to wash your hair as less frequently as possible. If you’re not used to washing your hair every day or worried that your hair might get greasy, you can apply a dry shampoo to keep it fresh. 

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