Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair Extensions

As most of us know, it’s possible to get real human hair extensions or use synthetic substitutes instead. Either way, you can quickly transform your hair and achieve a look you never thought was possible, adding a lot more length and volume with minimal effort. If you do it yourself or get a professional application in a salon, however, you will need to choose between the two types.

For human hair extensions, the hair will be referred to be certain industry-specific terms, so it’s useful to recognise these. Remy hair means that all the hairs face the same way, which makes for a neat and straight finish. Strands that are natural with no permanent treatment or colour applied are known as virgin.

Stylists understandably recommend real hair for better results if you want to get your own extensions. It will always be a more realistic match for the person’s natural colour and texture compared to a synthetic alternative. Styling tools and products will also work with it just as easily as the person’s natural hair. All in all, the look and feel will be the best quality you can get.

People from all over the world donate their own hair for different reasons, which eventually can be made into extensions. However, demand is relatively high and there are some obvious limitations with producing human hair. It takes months or even years to grow long extensions, and they need to be top quality if they’re destined to be sold. As a result, the price of human hair can be high, so alternatives are needed.

For those who are on a tighter budget, synthetic substitutes for human hair are a valid alternative. The cheapest options are probably not suitable for a natural look, because they won’t have the same texture as real hair and they may be difficult to care for properly. However, the slightly more expensive synthetic extensions on the market will usually look good and be easy to maintain as long as you choose a matching colour.

It’s just important to remember that they cannot be exposed to hair dyes, chemicals or extreme heat without getting damaged, so you can’t treat them the same way you would real hair. As long as you’re happy with that, you might find that synthetic hair is a great solution for you, but we would recommend real human extensions if you have the budget for it.

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