New Hairstyle Ideas For Summer 2017

If you feel like refreshing your hairstyle (at least once) for the summer, it’s not too late to try out some of these ideas. In this quick guide, we’ll give you plenty of fantastic ideas for cuts, colours and styles you can easily try out if the mood takes you.

Get the perfect length

Different people suit different hair lengths, but the style has to be a perfect match. For ladies who aren’t sure about shortening their hair to a classic bob cut, the “lob” (long bob) is a fantastic alternative that’s ideal for summer 2017.

Curl to your heart’s content

Curly hair is definitely in right now, and you have a range of options for how exactly to do it. Tighter corkscrew curls can be arranged into a neat or messy formation, while larger curls are ideal for a strong “girls’ night out” look.

Make a wet look work for you

The wet look is versatile – you can try it with a tight bun, a loose, tousled style or even on really long hair when it’s slicked back (and secured with plenty of product). It’s pretty easy to maintain even if you’re out and about in the warm weather, but it can also be ideal for a smart look, depending on how you work it.

Choose an on-trend colour

In 2017, bright hair colours are still all the rage, but only certain shades are well and truly in fashion right now. Most of them occupy the grey area somewhere between the vivid colours we saw a few years ago and the pastel shades that dominated 2016. On that note, grey hair is still one of the top choices.

Highlight like a pro

Foil strips are no longer the method of choice for high-end hairstylists. Instead, a trusted professional can actually paint on your highlights manually for a more natural look. This technique is called balayage, and we recommend it as long as your hairdresser has the talent for it.

Accessories are a secret weapon

It’s always a great idea to have a selection of hair accessories to hand, because when things just aren’t going your way with styling in the morning, they give you a lot more options. Many of the most on-trend accessories are actually more like hair jewellery in 2017.

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