How to protect your hair from heat damage

hair straightener

Hair styling tools can transform your hair in an instant. However, it can also slowly damage your hair in the longer run. When your hair gets severely damaged, it can even lead to a hair loss and a dull look. If you want to prevent your hair from heat damage, we suggest on following some of our tips below.

Apply the heat evenly

When using your heat tool, ensure that you apply the heat evenly around your hair. For instance, when straightening your hair, do not target a particular area for a long time otherwise the heat can eventually break your hair. For many of us, we constantly make the mistake of overly heating our hair to achieve the look we are after.

Prep before blow dry

blow drySwap a regular cotton towel for a microfibre cloth and use it for drying your hair. A microfibre towel will quickly soak in the moisture without leaving your hair frizzy. If you still feel the need to use a hair-dryer, we recommend applying a heat protective lotion all over the damp hair. The cream will help reduce the friction during blow drying.

Hair Treatments

If you consistently use heating equipment, it’s important that you care for your hair on a weekly basis with hair treatments such as hydrating masks. For a professional hair care treatment, visiting your local salon would be ideal to maintain a healthy hair.

Hair Styling Tools

Prevent buying a cheap hair dryer and invest in a high-quality hair dyers that can reduce heat damage on your hair.

Select Lower Temperature

Switch to a lower temperature when using a heat styling equipment. Especially for those who have thinner hairs which are most likely to suffer from the heat. Keeping your hair tool at a distant can also help prevent more damage to your hair.

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