Textured Quiff

Top Men’s Hairstyles This Year

At the moment, a lot of traditional men’s haircuts are pretty much dominating fashion, although there are also a few more interesting cuts you could try out if you want to stand out. Should you go for something straightforward that’s flattering on most guys, or show your personality a bit more with something creative and edgy? Take a look at the top hairstyles of 2016 for men and make your mind up.

Short & Textured Hair1) Short and textured

The default short-back-and-sides cut remains as popular as ever, although this year there have been some subtle changes in the most popular style. In 2015, the contrast between longer hair on top and the short sides was more prominent, compared to the softer line most guys are opting for now. The trend is also for a shorter overall length on the top, plus a bit less sharp and slick with more messy layers cut in.


Contrast & Drama2) Contrast and drama

If you’re willing to go for something more high maintenance and spend a bit of extra time working on your styling, then maybe the first option isn’t ideal for you. That sharper contrast we mentioned can still work well if you accentuate it more, using clippers on the back and sides and keeping a thick, longer head of hair on top that you can craft into a creative shape.

Textured Quiff


3) Textured quiff

It’s not so much about the size of your quiff in 2016 – you can opt for an enormous one or something much more subtle. The real kicker fashion-wise is the texture, which adds a lot of natural-looking depth rather than everything being too straight and precise. Overall this style is easy to maintain because you can control exactly how you do it.

Wet Look Hair4) Wet finish

Giving your hair a wet appearance is definitely one of the more fashion-forward choices of the moment. You can vary how your do this, but it’s usually slicked back, just not too neat. Water-based products applied on damp hair will help you get the right effect.

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