Top reasons for hair loss

Hair loss in women is very common to this day. Some hair loss may even be temporary or permanent depending on the cause. You will also find that there could be different reasons why you are loosing more hair than you’ve ever had before. Some of these reasons could be due to hormonal change, use of hair chemicals, medication, nutritional consumption, stress or diseases. To help you understand the causes of hair loss, we’ve gone into detail on how each factor affects your hair.


stressStress can cause hair loss in some people. For instance, someone who has gone through a stressful time may suffer from hair loss after the event. Some stress can also activate a genetic hair loss that could eventually worsen in the longer run.


Poor diet

People who are on a bad eating habit can develop hair loss due to not consuming the right nutrients that help with maintaining a healthy hair. One of the most important nutrients to consume is protein, if there is a lack of protein in your diet, we suggest on eating the right amount to get your hair back in good health.

Iron deficiency

Deficiency in iron can cause hair loss. If you do not have enough iron in your diet, it’s ideal to take an iron vitamin or a multivitamin. Or you can also incorporate more foods that are high in iron such as red meat, greens, seafood and beans.

Hair chemicals and heat equipment

hair dyeMany people tend to change hairstyles and hair colours by using heating equipment and hair dye which both can damage your hair if not used correctly. Hair dyes can damage your hair if left on for too long or used too often. Ideally, it’s recommended that you visit a hair salon who will help you achieve your desired hair colour with the proper use of hair dye. 


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