Hair Tapestry

How to Try Out Hair Tapestry

Craving something more creative you can do to add some sparkle and uniqueness to your hair? A really fun DIY trick you can try is hair tapestry, a fun summery trend that’s been around for a while but is still catching on. You can create your own unique designs in just a few simple steps, and if you want to you can make your designs completely removable and interchangeable.

Start by collecting up the necessary items:

  • A hair extension weft, if you want it to be removable
  • An embroidery hoop or tapestry loom
  • Coloured threads of your choice
  • A wool needle
  • A pair of scissors

Once you have all the required items and a suitable place to get started, you can begin following these steps to weave your own hair tapestry.

1) Section off the area of hair you’re using. This can be on your friend’s hair, but we would recommend using an extension weft, especially if it’s on yourself which would be almost impossible! A bit of hairspray will help hold the section in formation.

2) Put your hoop or loom in place over the hair and fix it in place.

3) Tie your coloured thread around a strand of hair where you want to start your design with a double knot, and attach the other end of the thread to your needle so you can start sewing.

4) Using an over-and-under alternating motion, weave the colours through the hair to create the design you’re going for. You can alternate sections of different colours to create simple patterns, or gradually form shapes like a flower, a star, a heart or something more complicated.

5) When you reach the opposite side, start going back in the other direction and zig-zag until you cover the entire section.

6) To end your weaving, turn the hoop over so you can see the back of your section of hair, and thread the needle through one more time so it holds the thread in place and you can cut it off.

The great thing about hair tapestries is that you can go over them again to add more layers and colours, or you can simply unravel them from the hair and start all over again! If you started with hair extensions you’ll be able to clip your design in and out which makes it a lot more flexible too.

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