Types of human hair extensions

hair extension

The popularity of hair extensions amongst women has been increasing dramatically. Having a human hair extension can add volume to women with thin hair. It’s also favourable by women who want longer hair in an instant. If you’re looking into purchasing a human hair extension, you may find that there is a big market for it and there are thousands and thousands of supplier. So how do you choose and how do you get started? The first thing to do is do your research and see which type of human hair extension would suit you best. To help you on this, below are the three different types of human hair extensions.

Remy hair

Remy hair is one of the highest quality of human hair extension that you can purchase. All hair comes from a single donor. One of the benefits of buying this type of extension is that all hairs are untangled which means it’s easy to brush and maintain. The donors of the Remy hair extensions comes typically from different countries such as Europe, Asia, and India. 

Virgin hair

Virgin extensions are the most premium extension available in the market. A virgin hair comes from a young single donor which means the texture of the hair is exceptionally smooth and healthy. The extension is also free of all types of chemical process including bleaching, colouring and perm. It’s one of the healthiest and natural hair extensions available in the market. 

Non-Remy hair

Non-Remy hair extension is the most affordable hair extension; however, the quality is compromised. The hair doesn’t come from a single donor but is collected through hair salons and other random suppliers. The quality isn’t as good compared to a virgin and Remy hair extension. This type of hair is also more high maintenance as the strands are tangled easily after a few washes. The hair may also not be 100% human hair as it comes from random suppliers which mean that it cannot be reused after a few washes.

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