Flower Beards

Weird Beard Trends in 2016

The hipster beard has become even more popular in 2016 than it was last year, perhaps overtaking the infamous man-bun as the definitive male grooming trend of the year. Beards are well and truly in style, it seems, and the weirder the better. Many people have apparently not been satisfied with simply growing out their facial hair, and instead are choosing to incorporate some slightly more creative ideas into their beards. Here are just a few of the trends we’ve noticed recently.

1) Glitter beards

Glitter BeardsThese have taken off on Instagram, partly for comedy value and partly, it seems, because fashion. They may also have been promoted to the mainstream a little faster thanks to pioneers like Danny Beard, a popular contestant on Britain’s Got Talent this year who sported a glitter beard along with monochromatic drag queen makeup and sang opera (as one does).


Flower Beard2) Flower beards

Here’s a similarly ridiculous and impractical choice for your beard – fill it with delicate flowers! This hippie trend has also been taking off on Instagram this summer, mostly just to pose for photos. We’re not sure if you can really walk around with a beard full of flower power – we’re yet to try it.

3) Beard baubles

Christmas BeardsLook out for this trend at Christmas this year! Tiny baubles to hang in your beard are now an actual product you can buy online, so we anticipate seeing more of this. Turn your beard into a Christmas tree with these, and even add your own fairy lights, if you’re feeling brave this winter.

4) Extreme Styling

Extreme BeardsEven without adding any special features like glitter or flowers to create a whole new layer on top of your beard, you can simply use what’s naturally there (with a little help from some strong hairspray) to craft whatever you like out of hair. Why not try the handlebar beard, if the handlebar moustache is too tame for you? Bigger is apparently better when it comes to beards right now.

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